The Art of Pitching for Social Good

Pitching for Social Good - How should you tell people about all the good you’re doing in the world?

You want to change the world, so you would think that telling people about it is the easiest thing you can do. The confused looks, misaligned or disengaged employees, lack of investment, engagement, or customers, and a frustrated spouse may say otherwise. Conversely, when you get the right story for your business, you will have those you talk to referring others and making valuable introductions, you will find it easier to get investors and win customers, your team will be excited and tell others about working there.

Most pitches and explanations are jargony, too long, uninteresting, and not engaging. Join us to create the best way to talk about the social impact you are making – to everyone! In this session, you will build a short plan, a three sentence pitch, a one-sentence pitch and you'll learn how to own a couple of words on google.

In this workshop you will learn how to:
  • Better understand your Net Positive Impact
  • Identify who your client is (and isn’t)
  • Tell your story 
  • Get investors, customers and collaborators excited to engage.

Presented by: Colin Christensen, THNQ

THNQ is a team of deeply experienced entrepreneurs who use their hard-earned, diverse experience to help companies, leaders, and entrepreneurs Start, Scale, and Solve anything in business.

In collaboration with the MacEwan University Social Innovation Institute, Roundhouse invites you to attend a full week of free workshops from September 23-27, designed to help you and your organization make a significant social impact. View the full schedule here