Streamline Your Project: The 5S Method

In this interactive training session, you will learn how to Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain your projects; and how to transform your organizations.

Workplace organization is more than just keeping things neat and tidy, it is a way of supporting Lean thinking. This classroom-style workshop will open your mind to an alternative paradigm. Attendees will leave this interactive course inspired with foundational principles in-hand to begin implementing a 5S in their own processes.
By understanding this methodology for organizing your work, this will set your organization on the first steps towards setting up a continuous improvement and Lean culture. In this interactive training, you will familiarize yourself with five Japanese actions and begin to transform your workplace. Through the visual, hands-on simulation, you will:
  • See how to set up visual management to support continuous improvement
  • Establish standards for organizing your work
  • Gain an understanding of one of the Lean tools for identifying and eliminating waste
No matter what your organization does, Lean will help you do it better. Lean methodology is being applied in a broad range of enterprises including manufacturing, processing, construction, healthcare, engineering, banking, and government services.

Presented by: Avel Espiritu, founder of Red-5.

Avel Espiritu is an expert in Lean principles and practices. With 13 years of progressive experience leading and managing projects, he applies Lean principles to execute project tasks and bring them to a close – on schedule and within budget. As an innate team builder and dedicated mentor, Avel enjoys coaching business owners how to think Lean, particularly when they see direct results to their bottom line. Avel is an ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, and is also a recipient of a Dale Carnegie Outstanding Performance Award.

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