Using Improv Skills to Improve Collaboration

Improvisation is a powerful tool — and not just in theatre. Nothing shines a spotlight on its potential better than actually experiencing the new ways it helps us engage with others. It makes us open up and listen more actively, becoming more aware of nonverbal signals. Join this interactive workshop to learn to collaborate with Improvisation techniques.

This workshop will teach you the foundations of improvisation, with a focus on agreement and confidence-building. You will be challenged to start obeying your impulse, and to work collaboratively with others. A great way to challenge yourself and break out of your comfort zone!

Presented by: Susan Evans and CK Dhaliwal

In collaboration with the MacEwan University Social Innovation Institute, Roundhouse invites you to attend a full week of free workshops from September 23-27, designed to help you and your organization make a significant social impact. View the full schedule here