What's the Buzz? Bees and Food Security

What's the Buzz? Bees and Food Security

Learn about the vital role of bees in urban food systems, how MacEwan’s honey is being used in innovative food projects on campus, and how you can promote pollinator health at home. This is a hands-on workshop that involves some tasting and some creating.

The session will start with an introduction to food security, exploring projects on campus and the City's urban agrigculture opportunities. 

Participants will then rotate between activities where they will create, taste and takeaway products that are innovative and sustainably driven. Think honey products and 3D printing!


Due to the supplies required to make this session a success, tickets are limited and RSVPs are required. Don't delay!

This workshop is being facilitated through various community partners including the MacEwan University Office of Sustainability.  It is being organized by the Social Innovation Institute Culture and Awareness Building Committee