Affordable Housing Solutions Lab - Design Jam

Affordable Housing Solutions Lab - Design Jam Are you interested in talking about how to make housing more affordable? Maybe you have an idea? Maybe you want to learn more? Whatever your reason, if you'd like to join a conversation about affordable housing this is for you.
We'll work through fun activities to brainstorm new ideas, learn from each other, and innovate together. You don't need to be any kind of expert to join - just interested in the topic!
We are going to use three questions to guide our discussion and brainstorming:
  1. How can we provide a range of housing options?
  2. How can we create and maintain housing that is affordable?
  3. How has - and how will - COVID-19 affect the housing situation?
What can you expect?
A design jam is a brainstorming session where we'll work through activities and come up with lots of ideas together. We'll share our views, ideas, and potential solutions around affordable housing.
Looking forward to engaging together while we stay apart.
Tips for engaging in our online brainstorm:
1. Try to ensure you are in a quiet area free from distractions for the duration of the meeting.
2. Mute your microphone when you are not talking.
3. Keep notifications off on email/phone.
4. Have your water, tea, coffee, and snacks ready to go before the meeting starts.
5. Have some kind of pen and paper.
6. Use headphones if there are other noises in your household or around you.
7. Be plugged into a power source.
8. Have fun! There are no wrong answers or ideas - we just want you to come and participate and share your thoughts.